Health and Medical Policies

Health & Medical Policies


In the event of an accident or dire illness, the rescue unit will be called immediately. If necessary, rescue unit personnel may make a decision to transport your child to another location for treatment and parents will be notified. Payment of all expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Immunizations & Physicals

Prior to the child’s first day, all enrolment forms must be completed and turned in. A current record of immunizations and a physical exam must be submitted within two weeks after the child’s first day and be updated regularly as indicated by a physician or local health authority. Immunizations must be kept up to date. When your child gets a shot for any reason, please have your doctor give you a statement or bring your child’s shot record so that it can be documented.

Sick Children

Children who are ill may not remain in the center. Please do not bring a child who has a fever because they will be sent back home. If a child becomes ill during the day, a parent will be notified immediately. Children who have contracted a serious communicable disease may not return to the center until the disease is no longer contagious. A doctor’s note may be required as proof. If your child is sent home with a fever of 101 degrees or above, vomiting, or diarrhea, they cannot return to the center until they are free of these symptoms without medications for at least 24 hours. Yellow or green mucus is usually a sign of infection. Please take your child to the doctor in this case, as they may need an antibiotic.

If we call because your child is ill, you must come and pick them up within the hour. Do not wait several hours before coming to retrieve your child as the condition may worsen. If you have an illness spreading throughout your household, please let us know so that we can keep an eye on your child during the day for similar symptoms.

We believe that the health of our children is a vital aspect of developing healthy minds and bodies that are ready for school. As part of our program we will provide a series of screening such as Speech and Language, Vision, Physical Therapy and Development screenings. These screening assist us in developing a plan to ensure that you child receives the best experience and activities while at First Ward.


Before taking medication to your child’s classroom, stop by the front office for a medication form, which will be filled out by a member of the administration team. A copy will be made for our files and you will be given a form and the medication to take to the classroom teacher. Please do not leave medication of any kind in the child’s bag. Give medication to the classroom’s teacher.

Please notify your child’s teacher when the child is on medication. It also helps us to know if the child is on medication at home. Often medications can cause side effects such as diarrhea, change in appetite, rashes, and an upset stomach. If we know that these conditions are a result of the medication at home we will better know how to handle the child and not bother you at work if they occur.

Medication will only be given once a day if prescribed for three times a day, or twice a day if prescribed for four times a day.

If you want us to administer Tylenol, you must provide it and sign a permission slip allowing us to give it to your child. A doctor’s note must accompany the Tylenol. We will not administer over the counter medicine without a doctor’s statement. When medicine is emptied it must be taken home.

Parents are required to wash their hands and their child’s hands upon entering the classroom.

In an effort to maintain a healthy environment our classrooms are cleaned daily or when necessary. The staff is responsible for the daily cleaning and the maintenance staff will clean the common areas. Toys are cleaned daily or when contaminated. We maintain a carpet cleaning company who shampoo the carpets bi-monthly.

All medications must be clearly labeled with the child’s name. We will only administer prescription drugs to the child named on the original label, which must be securely attached to the original container.