General Policies

General Policies


Open Door Policy

You are welcome to visit, observe or even volunteer in the classroom and on field trips. If your child is adjusting or having separation anxiety we ask that you take that into consideration when planning your visit.



               In cases of separation or divorce, we cannot deny the release of any child to either parent unless court documentation is on file forbidding said parent of their visitation rights. You must provide documentation.



Parents with concerns should discuss them with the Director or Assistant Director, not individual staff members. A copy of the North Carolina Reporting Law is attached to the application for enrollment.



The center will provide discipline that it deems appropriate to the situation. We will not use any form of physical or verbal punishment that will humiliate, shame, or frighten the child. Consistent behavioral issues that cannot be resolved will be referred to parents for correction. FWCDC has the authority to refuse admission and/or expel children who continually create problems.


Child Abuse and Neglect

Any staff who suspects a child is being abused or neglected must report their suspicions to the Director or Administrator on site. It is the responsibility of the staff person who suspects the abuse to file a report with the proper authorities. We will follow state guidelines for reporting child abuse and neglect.


Inclement Weather

We utilize the National Weather Service Severe Weather chart to determine weather permitting conditions.  In cases of severe weather, school delays and/or closings will be listed on WSOCTV (ABC), WTBS (CBS), or WCCB (NBC) or



The center celebrates the children’s birthdays in a very simple way. Please consult with your child’s teacher in advance for optimal timing and dietary requirements. When planning a celebration for the classroom, please bring sugarless/healthy snacks, fruits, vegetables, and stickers. We would like to encourage the children to make healthy choices at school and home. Only store-bought and labeled items are permitted to be brought into the center for classroom celebrations. The label is very important due to various allergies our children may have in the center. Please refrain from bringing any items with peanuts as ingredients. Allow the teacher to review and approve the items prior to the day of the party. Celebrations will be during afternoon snack. If you decide to pass out party favors, be sure to include all children. No gifts should be exchanged. If you do not wish to celebrate your child’s birthday please inform his/her teacher. If there are additional celebrations that are important to your family, please inform his/her teacher, as we would like to incorporate these if possible. Please do not bring candles as we do not want any chance of a fire and balloons are not permitted because they are a choking hazard.