Food, Toys & Clothing

Food, Toys & Clothing

Full day rates include breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. Menus are posted in the front lobby each week.

Exceptions will not be made in the menu except in the form of a special diet prescribed by a physician. Children will be taught the importance of good nutrition and they will be encouraged to eat all foods served. Additional servings will be provided at the children’s request. We do not force feed. However, portions will be monitored to ensure that children are not over eating. We must be sure not to contribute to obesity. We will be serving fresh fruits and vegetables often. Healthy choices like lean meats, 1% milk, limited juice and little to no sweets should always be encouraged. Food is not used as a means of discipline or reward. All our meals are prepared on site by a qualified cook. All meals meet the CACFP standards. Children with documented allergies will be offered a substitute food item.

Outside food items are not permitted in the building.

Breakfast is served at 8:30am daily. Your child must be in his or her classroom by this time in order to eat. If a child will be absent or will arrive late, please call ahead of time (before 9:00am) so that meals and staff scheduling can be planned accordingly.

Infant and toddlers who are bottle fed must provide non-breakable bottles labeled with the child’s name and current date. Bottles are to be prepared by parents daily. Baby foods are provided by the center. An adequate supply of diapers and wipes is required.


Children are to wear a complete set of clothing that is comfortable and easy to clean. A clean second set of clothes must be on hand at all times in case of large or unsanitary accidents. Flip flops or open toe shoes are not acceptable due to the risk of injury. All clothing is to be legally marked with the child’s name. Each pre-school child is to have an extra change to be left at the center in case of emergencies.