Parent Handbook

We welcome diversity of families of various cultures. We strive to incorporate diversity and an understanding of cultural competence throughout the center. First Ward does not discriminate based upon race, color, creed or national origin. We will service children with special needs as long as we are the most appropriate place for them. All children are provided with a speech and hearing screening as well as a developmental screening at the beginning of the school year. We seek additional resources such as speech, PT. OT and behavioral services when necessary. All information is kept confidential and only the teachers and administrative staff will have access to your information.


First Ward Child Development Center, Inc. (FWCDC) is licensed to operate, is regularly inspected by the State of North Carolina, and fully abides by all rules and regulations mandated by government authorities. We currently operate under the Enhanced Requirements, posted in each classroom is the form indication staff child ratios. Additionally, all staff is trained in First Aid & CPR annually. We currently serve children from six weeks of age to twelve years. A full day program is available during summer months for school age children. We welcome families of various cultures, and strive to incorporate diversity throughout the center. We want you and your child to feel welcomed in our facility and we are open to discussing any ideas that you may have to make your time here relevant and inclusive.
We currently use the Creative Curriculum in our infant through pre-school (Three year old) classrooms and we supplement that with the pre-school planning calendar. We use Opening The World of Learning (OWL) in our private Pre-K and our North Carolina Pre-K Program.
FWCDC Philosophy

  • To enhance the minds of all children by using developmentally appropriate practices.
  • To allow children to learn through their experiences, environment, and positive involvement with their peers and teachers.
  • To allow children to make choices by using their creativity through play to feed their imaginations.
  • To serve as a foundation by providing a safe, nurturing and structured environment.

All children are special and gifted in their own way. In this center they will be allowed to express their gifts and creativity in a productive, age appropriate manner.